Life is Good!

We were presented with a challenge in our Sunday night service last night to spend the week focusing on all the good things in life. It really is an attitude of thankfulness to focus on how good life is. Should I be surprise that we are put to the test first thing this morning by waking up to a gloomy, rainy western New York spring day? For those of you who do not understand our weather, we can go for days or even weeks with never seeing the sun. Once it starts raining (or snowing) we never know how long it might last regardless of what the weather man says. It is particularly difficult in the spring because winter is filled with long stretches of gloomy skies. We are ready for sunshine, warmth, and flowers. As they saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. How we anticipate those May flowers as we sit in the gloom of the rain!

Isn’t that a lot like life? Sometimes we must go through the gloomy showers while holding onto the hope for a better day. I am going to choose to spend the day being thankful rather than focusing on the grey, gloomy weather outside my windows. I might even go so far as to thank the Lord for the rain because it is giving the plant life the stimulation it needs to spring forth very soon, bathing our grey and brown landscape with lush greenery and beautiful blooms. If you are going through a gloomy season in your life, I encourage you to muster up what little strength you may have and thank the Lord for something in your life. Look for more things to thank Him for. Before you know it you will have developed an ”attitude of gratitude” and might feel a bit better. I know I feel a little better about today even though it is rather dreary just because I am focusing on God’s goodness.

God Bless!

Kristen Pratt

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