Selecting Your Curriculum Part 1

Selecting materials to use in our homeschool can be daunting. Visit any homeschool convention and you will understand exactly what I mean. There are so many choices, methods, materials. Each homeschool family, company, publisher, and author is certain they have the perfect (and only!) way to homeschool. The convention workshop for method A has you completely convinced that is the only way to go, at least until you go to the workshop detailing method B. Then there are the catalogs to be gone through and the websites to visit. Sometimes my head feels like it is spinning! We all need some practical ways to deal with the overwhelming number of choices we are blessed with as homeschoolers. Begin this important task bathed in prayer. I also encourage you to keep your spouse involved in the process.

The first step in figuring out what to use is to weed through all the stuff we know we do not want. I like to start with weeding out the choices that do not match up to my Biblical values. A good comparison of the various approaches is a good thing to study at this point. For instance, while I like many of the principles of the Classical Approach, I’m not real fond of the focus put on the false gods. Many of those materials I can cross off the list for consideration. Some materials are so denominational in their approach that it is too narrow for my consideration. We are also strong believers in a literal, 6 day interpretation of Creation and expect our curriculum to support that view. Once I have determined which materials do not measure up to my Biblical worldview, I can take a closer look at my over all style and what works for my family.

I hope this will help get you started on your way to selecting great materials for your homeschool.


Kristen Pratt

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