Biblical Authority in our Home Schools

Biblical Authority Video

The homeschool community has gone through phases over the years. One of the best phases has been the move back to the authority of Scripture in regard to Creation. Answers in Genesis, Master Books, and other organizations have done a wonderful service to the homeschooling community in bringing awareness and providing materials to us. Families have abandoned science books laden with evolutionary thought in exchange for God honoring titles. Our kids are being taught that the Bible is reliable and can be used to understand our world. What a legacy for us to give to our children. It is a legacy that will affect not only our own children but our grandchildren and generations of our family. God is good!

There is another area that needs our attention, another area where we need to establish and safe-guard Biblical authority. That area is History and Geography. We are amazed at the amount of material out there, even some published and/or sold by Christians, that is completely secular. Some of it is given a Christian label because it has a little bit of Christian language sprinkled here and there but relies on mostly secular materials. What a loss of opportunity to convey the handiwork of God throughout all history and even geography. What is history if it is separated from the plans and works of God? It is relegated to a meaningless look at accounts of the accomplishments and failures of man, in other words it becomes humanism at the core. God needs to be the center of our history and geography lessons. Creation is the beginning of our history. We need to extend what we have established with Creation in our homeschools to our history and geography materials as well.

Let’s give our children a lasting legacy by using materials that shine a light on the mighty works of God throughout ALL history.

God bless you and your homeschool!

Kristen Pratt

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