A Word about Discernment

I have been increasingly concerned about homeschool curriculum that displays the “Christian” label yet strays considerably from providing a Biblical education. Some of it, we are told, started off solid but has somehow strayed from the mark. Others slipped in through marrying Christian thought to humanistic ideas. Some of the problems are glaring while others are subtle. The enemy has been busy making his way into the homeschool curriculum arena in order to destroy the work the Lord is doing in the hearts and minds of our children.

We must be vigilant, wise, and discerning when selecting curriculum and books for our children.  We must know what exactly our homeschool materials are teaching our children. We cannot use any particular curriculum, book, or plan just because another good Christian friend recommends it or because there was a good lecture about it. We must do our own research and understand the author’s worldview before providing it to our children.

Take a fresh look at the materials you are handing to your children. Do the materials you are using stand under Scriptural scrutiny? I know I am going to be taking a more sober look at the materials in our home.

Kristen Pratt

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